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As a native of the west, I grew up surrounded by landscapes of astonishing diversity, light and beauty.

Coming into the world this way, I developed a great passion for wild places and a love for the infinite ways color and light manifest with form on this earth.

My work is a reflection of that love and seeks to express a magical reality with color as the universal language. I play with its endless variety and vibrancy, translating my own sense of joy and mystery of the physical world onto canvas.

My paintings begin on location, and are completed in my studio. I use a glazing technique, layering vibrant colors of paint to achieve the maximum brilliance in a composition.

I have found great kinship with the art of the Fauve painters, Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keeffe, Ansel Adams, Canadian painters Emily Carr and Lawren Harris, and the great Russian mystic painter Nicholas Roerich. I love their bold expressions of color and light, and reverence for nature.

“For me, painting is devotion. It is a simple, ongoing prayer to the natural world, a visual narrative of the beauty I see everywhere.”


At age 20, Tracy Turner Sheppard discovered the joy of plein-air painting while living in Aix-en-Provence, France as an art student. She traveled throughout the countryside of southern France and northern Italy painting in some of the favorite spots of Van Gogh, Cezanne and the Fauve painters.

She continued her education at the Portland School of Art in Portland, Maine, and The College of Art and Design in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she received a full scholarship and her BFA. With a degree in Fine Art and Graphic Design, she went on to create a successful career as a fine art illustrator, working nationally in editorial, fine art publishing, and advertising print.

Returning to her original passion for studio and plein-air painting, Turner Sheppard has been living in Taos, New Mexico since the early 1990’s, where she raised her two sons, Charley and Tommy.

The extraordinary light and beauty of the high desert is a constant source of inspiration and creativity for her.


Tailgate painting with Alyce Frank~ Grand Canyon

Reflection~ Grand Canyon

Painting in Canyon de Chelly

Canyon de Chelly adventure

Sketching by Seco Creek

Painting Window Rock

Canyon de Chelly Overlook

Painting in Wild Rivers

Anee Ward & Tracy adventures Rio Chama

My Inspiration

Sedona girls

Rio Chama Plein air

Amigas of the Canyon

Three Amigas Rio Chama painting trip


Taos Magazine cover

Amigos Bravos poster

Taos Garden & Home Tour poster

Lavender Festival Poster

Southwest Arts Magazine article

TAOSMagazine Article March 2020


To visit the website of talented singer-songwriter Jenny Bird, visit:

Jenny’s music is so inspiring, and it has been a delight to contribute my art to the covers of her CD’s over the years.

“If my music were art, it would be a Tracy Turner Sheppard painting”  ~ Jenny Bird