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Almost Turning

Waiting for the Ferry

Ancient Song of Purple Asters

Spring at Red Rock Crossing

Beauty Way, Late Afternoon

Late September, Waning Moon

Evening Red Rock Glow

Cathedral Sky

Saguaro Garden Glow

Sedona Glow

Luminous Oak Creek Canyon

Canyonlands Overlook

Morning at Cathedral Rock

Vibrant Glow on the Santa Rita’s

Distant Rain

After a Misty Spring Rain

Morning After Snowfall, Red Rocks

Ocotillo Dancing

Red Earth after Snowmelt

Mesa Blaze

Sunset at the Ranch

Entering the Valley of Castles

Spider Rock, Trail of Stars

Ripple Clouds, Red Rocks

Spring Morning Arroyo

Clearing After the Storm

Ocotillo Sunset

Where the Soul is at Home

Spring in Canyon de Chelly

South Rim to Vermilion Cliffs, Grand Canyon